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From jewelry to high fashion, Hardware LDN is bringing metallic detailing to the runway.

After having major success with her jewelry line, Jessica Horwell established in Hardware LDN in 2014. She would make her jewelry pieces using random items from the hardware store, hence the brand’s name. After creating custom jewelry for Cara Delevinge and Rita Ora, Horwell decided to take the brand and expand it into a fully accessories collection and a clothing line. Now, Horwell is back in New York to show her Fall/Winter 2022 collection on the fashion week runway. 

By mixing harsh metal fixtures with feminine silhouettes, Horwell is creating the style for the perfect “It Girl”. The collection features a variety of form-fitting dresses with suggestive cutouts, held together by thin metal bars. The addition of the bars creates a tighter-fitting structure and give the overall garment a better structured shape. Paired with sheer knee socks, chunky loafers, and sleek rectangular sunglasses, these outfits are sure to find their way onto Pinterest boards for the “It Girl” look. 

Horwell is bringing themes of the Matrix into this collection as well. With her big leather trenches,  baggy leather pants, and tiny leather dresses that hug the body, Trinity would be dressed to the nines. Horwell takes her own spin on the leather trend that’s been taking over the runways by adding a neon orange fur trim to her trench’s collar This pop of color brightens the entire pieces, and makes a more daunting piece playful. This mixing of colors is seen across her leather pieces. She uses a blue leather as the sleeves on the black bomber, and even adds matching blue stripes to the pants for a cohesive look. 

While the majority of the collection consists of monochromatic leather or knitted looks, the snakeskin is a must have. Horwell shows a pink snakeskin two piece set that is absolutely to die for. Featuring a tank and mini skirt, this outfit is perfect for nights out. Pair with the matching pink snakeskin trench with the black fur collar, and you have a winter look that’ll make Barbie jealous. However, the true show stopping snakeskin is the trench and pants set. Made of a dark green and black snakeskin, this trench and pants combination screams powerful. It commands the attention of whoever is watching it, and would serve as an amazing outfit of any season. 

One thing to note about the Hardware LDN show is the inclusion of three male models. Out of 40 outfits, Horwell included three outfits for men in what seems to be a womenswear collection. The outfits consist of  an orange sweatsuit, a black denim tracksuit, and a cream and black leather bomber set. The menswear teases to a future collection. 

Hardware LDN combines metal detailing to their womenswear to create a powerful collection. It juxtaposes the softness of femininity with masculine details and creates a collection that’ll make you feel sexy and strong.

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