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Backstage at NYFW with Hardware LDN | Office Magazine

Posted by Samantha Gatman on

office got to peek behind the curtain pre-show as well as speak to Jessica backstage post-show. Get the inside scoop and check out behind-the-scenes photos below.

You first presented at NYFW in 2019 — how has the brand evolved since then, as well as you personally?

Honestly, I didn't go to fashion school, so every time I do a collection, I'm learning so much and I feel like I'm developing my craft. Every day I do different things and I'm learning different things. I feel like that's what life's really about. Developing and growing as a person, I think that's really important. After all this time, I feel like things are taking a step in the right direction. 

What does it mean as a London-based designer to be able to present at NYFW?

I mean, it's just been a pleasure to be invited back. And my sponsor, Biohaven, is U.S.-based, so that was also part of the decision. I think the cause they support is really unique and I was more than happy to be able to work with them.

What were you most excited for people to see today? 

I feel like I was most excited to see the whole collection together and, obviously, the jackets are such a massive part of it cause I'm obsessed with outerwear right now. So I loved seeing that come to life.

Oh, the all-pink trench coat — I loved that.

A jacket makes an outfit, right? I love a mini dress as well. But the jackets were most exciting for me and also for people to see all the custom hardware. I think it really adds something to the garments.

All of your designs exist in a world you have coined as Hardware World — what does Hardware World look like?

 Well, the video at the start of the show was actually more directed at the whole concept that I formulated with Biohaven. So that was more like a day in the life of a girl with a migraine, that takes place in the Hardware World, showing her having a bad time then feeling way better and feeling like she could take on the world. Everything was shot in green screen and it was all created through special effects. So that's how we literally created the Hardware World, this time around. But I mean, overall, I want to empower girls and I want them to put on my outfits and feel so badass — and seeing the girls' reactions to wearing all the clothes was just unbelievable.

They did look badass for sure. I know that working to put together a show takes a lot of commitment and moving parts. What are you most proud of today?

I'm just proud that it happened so smoothly. I'm grateful for my team. I'm grateful for everybody involved. They made it so effortless and they made it so enjoyable. I'm also proud to be partnering with Nurtec ODT — there are so many young girls suffering from migraines and I feel that it's really nice to be doing something unique and supporting something that's different.


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