The Story

Hardware LDN is about encouraging one another through style. Established in 2012 Hardware LDN has remained loyal to it’s London roots of street style and counter culture. Designer Jessica Horwell, a born and bred London girl, incorporates her keen eye for design stitched into each Hardware LDN piece.

“Making girls feel good is all I want to do.
There is enough going in in the world making girls feel insecure.
A good outfit and feeling a part of something
can really help with these issues.”

And that is how Hardware LDN elevated itself from clothing brand to a lifestyle brand. Hardware LDN isn’t conventional, and neither is Jessica. Through hustle and hard work a lifestyle encouraging bold expression through fashion came to fruition. Quickly gaining the attention and support of influential celebrities and women, Hardware LDN maintains a strong audience. Jessica promises to deliver edgy, provocative, and comfortable designs at an affordable price.

Located in Downtown Los Angeles, Hardware LDN reassures high quality and environmentally friendly merchandise. Jessica’s drive and determination to never backing down delivers girls worldwide a bold outlet for fashion, Hardware LDN will use this hustle to venture into menswear and more accessories in the future.

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